ICE Insurance Mozambique

Is a Mozambique licensed Property and Casualty Insurer specialising in providing insurance cover to multinational brokers, clients and global program insurers.

The company’s philosophy is simply to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. We do not only sell Insurance, we sell Service.

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About ICE Insurance

The team at ICE has been doing insurance business in Mozambique and Africa since 1992. No company has a better understanding of Mozambique Insurance market conditions, challenges and requirements than the management team in ICE.

ICE has carefully selected the brokers it chooses to work with through a vigorous security vetting process. ICE has satisfied itself that the brokers it has agency agreements with provide a service that is professional, honest, compliant with legislation and hold high standards dear to their business strategy.

The re-insurers on the ICE treaty have been carefully selected in order to provide the very strongest security to our clients. The ICE group’s subsidiaries have experienced several insurance catastrophes across Africa over the groups 19 year history , including the devastating floods and cyclones in Mozambique, our settlement process has always been characterised by efficient and smooth settlement of claims in order to allow our clients to rapidly rebuild their business strategies. Our re-insurance support has been invaluable in this process and we have a long and solid relationship with our entire re-insurance panel.

We aim to make your purchase of insurance as smooth as possible and we carry that service through to every aspect of your insurance experience including the settlement of claims. We take service seriously and any poor service received will not be tolerated. Should you have the slightest complaint with any aspect of the service you have been given we ask that it be reported to and we will deal with it immediately.

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